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Come Visit Me at West Elm!

virtuality art at west elm

See Virtuality Studio at Lincoln Park West Elm!

I will be featuring my work at the Lincoln Park West Elm store in Chicago on June 22, 2013! Many thanks to curator Jessica Jones of How About Orange for inviting me to participate in this event! Come visit me and say hello!

You can see the complete list of participants in this event on West Elm’s blog Front and Main.

May 22, 2013 | Comments »

New (Old) Artwork Coming Soon

I was looking through a box of my old artwork that I found a few days ago and discovered a few gems that I will be reworking and putting up on the site soon. Some of the images include one of my favorite old Chicago scenes, the old Magikist sign off of the Kennedy at Montrose Avenue. I still cannot believe that those famous lips are gone. Very glad that I took the time to photograph them before they were demolished.

February 13, 2013 | Comments »

D.H. Lawrence – Dreams

“All people dream, but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the morning to find that it was vanity.
But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, for they dream their dreams with open eyes,
And make them come true.”
— D.H. Lawrence

July 20, 2011 | Comments »